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Suburbia - Songs For A Perfect Mixtape
Songs For A Perfect Mixtape
4 stars

After beginning their career in the Swedish club scene playing cover tunes, eventually Suburbia decided they needed to grow. Suburbia is making their mark: winning a battle of the bands and releasing some of their own material, they are now making an explosion with “Songs From a Perfect Mixtape,” a release with high-definition and amazing sounds reminiscent of Butch Walker and Rick Springfield.

Big time hooks, easy-flowing, catchy lyrics and the right amount of essence will be the future of Suburbia. The songs are hit makers and could catch the ears of TV producers, as many of the songs could be theme songs for top-rated shows. In particular, “Natalie Says” and “Don’t Let Them Make Up Your Mind” have that type of sound. These boys know how to pump out those captivating tunes with the traditional guitar chords and stylish vocals. I see a bright future ahead for the band if they can secure a major deal.

Band Lineup:
  • Magnus Sorensen - Vocals, Guitars, Piano
  • Peter Lärk - Drums
  • Anders Persson - Bass
  • Ulrik Hedin - Guitar


Track Listing:
  1. On The Run
  2. Easier To Dream
  3. Falls Apart
  4. Natalie Says
  5. Don´t Let Them Make Up Your Mind
  6. Frequency
  7. This Love Is Tough On Me
  8. (You´re Gonna) Die Tonight
  9. When I´m Worth Nothing At All


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