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  A Lower Deep Tony Harnell Spinning Chain
  American Hi-Fi Honeymoon Suite Spit Like This
  AntiProduct Icewind Starbreaker
  Babylon Mystery Orchestra Impaler Starlet Suicide
  Joey Belladonna Kamelot Suiside Rose
  Black Hill Kotipelto Tad Morose
  Bonfire Loud 'N' Nasty Teenage Casket Co.
  Brutaliator Mercenary TENEbRAE
  Butch Walker Mystery Blue THOR
  Carnival Of Souls Jeff Pilson Thorbjorn Englund
  Courageous Ted Poley Thunderbrew
  Coyote Shivers TNT
  CrashDiet Power Quest To Die For
  Danger Danger Rachel Stamp Undercover Slut
  Daydreamer The Randies Vanden Plas
  Paul Di'Anno Razzle Dazzle Viperine
  Elvira Madigan Revolver War & Peace
  Eternal Oath The Roxydolls Wrath Of Killenstein
  Europe Season of the Wolf X-Piral
  Eyes Of Shiva Shoutline  
  Forgotten Tales SHY (latest Shy tour/news)  
  Freedom Call SHY (unofficial Shy site)  
  Freewheeler Slowpanic Sweethearts  
  Frozen Rain    

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