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Stereolith - Be Alone
Atenzia Records
Be Alone (EP)
4.5 stars

Stereolith’s new EP is rocking Sweden’s music world with their pop charting music. They have vibrant guitars, good choruses, and a sound of the new wave of the eighties.

The opening song “Be Alone” has catchy hooks - mixing alternative with pop. It will defiantly bring more attention to the band. “Changing Lanes” gives you the feeling of the great song writing and vocal vibe of The Dave Mathews band. To tell you the truth Stereolith sounds a lot like the Redwalls - who are making a big splash in the USA.

The way Oscar Ammer uses his melodic vocals are killer and the guitar sounds by Charlie Dahl highlight “Changing Lanes” - this is a fantastic song. For such a young band, Stereolith show no sign of debut jitters. This is another great signing by Atenzia and I see good things happening with Stereolith. “January Mary” is such a good song that I see regular radio airplay rotation coming their way for a long time. All the songs are really good but they should stray away from the echo effect.

Band Lineup:
  • Oscar Ammer - Vocals, Guitar
  • Charlie Dahl - Guitar
  • Sebastian Blyberg - Bass
  • Pier Hornberg - Drums


Track Listing:
  1. Be Alone
  2. Changing Lanes
  3. January Mary
  4. Save Me


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