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Star Scream - Liquid and Pain
Star Scream
Liquid and Pain
4 stars

Star Scream is a band for the imagination. The UK band is an unusual band that plays a style of music of glam pop mixed with melodic vocals yet adding a sound of Radiohead. I had to listen to this CD quite a few times before getting the full effect. Star Scream is a special band and has the musical ability to draw a huge fan base. The opening track “Domino” sends you in different directions not knowing the next turn. Adam Harris is an enigma and his vocals have charisma that engulfs your senses. He has that uncanny and unusual style that brings you into his world to possess your soul.

I really like this band because the raw melodic vocals and the mixing of sounds track to track. The band can show their progressive power yet turning the corner making a song like “Swim” a child’s nighttime dream come true. You have to hear Star Scream to appreciate the talent, which will unfold with their debut CD.

Band Lineup:
  • Adam Harris - Vocals / Guitar / Piano
  • Aoife - Bass
  • Dom Winchester - Drums


Track Listing:
  1. Domino
  2. Passion
  3. Cover Girl
  4. Swim


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