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The Spacebrains - Love & Rockets
The Spacebrains
Too Die For Music
Love & Rockets
Sleaze Metal
4 stars

We get tons of CD’s here at Rock Eyez but not too many demos. We just received the latest demo by The Spacebrains, a band from Germany, with five tracks of some good material. Most of the demos that we receive are poor quality and many of the bands are going stay underground, but The Spacebrains do not fit in that category. Their press package is quite impressive and the CD is very professionally done.

Yet, looks can be deceiving and I figured “shit, not another demo with poor quality.” (At Rock Eyez we listen to all the CD’s that are sent in. It might take awhile since our staff is not huge like but we are making our way to the top of the hill.)

The Spacebrains really surprised me; they have good production and some great songs to be heard.

All five songs are top quality and will put a match under your butt. They play and sound like a collage of Backyard Babies and Faster Pussycat with energy that will make a pacemaker rumble. “Satisfied?” is a tune that will have you backtracking to hear over and over again. I really feel the power on this track and the drumming by Philipp is excellent. These guys would be a great party band.

There is not one thing that is a disappointment on “Love & Rockets.” I liked everything about it. The guitar and vocals on “Rock n' Roll Satellite” are arranged in perfect harmony and is another killer track. Check these guys out if you into glam, sleaze metal, or emo. Great demo!!!

Band Lineup:
  • Chrysler Spacebrains - Bass
  • Jörg Spacebrains - Guitar / Vocals
  • Philipp Spacebrains - Drums
  • Sven Spacebrains - Guitar / Vocals


Track Listing:
  1. Get Ready
  2. Cherry Bomb
  3. Satisfied?
  4. Rock n' Roll Satellite
  5. Bail me out


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