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Solar Fragment - Solar Fragment
Solar Fragment
Solar Fragment
Power Metal
3 stars

Sweden might be the home of Sleaze glam metal but the Germans own the rights as the powerhouse for power metal. Solar Fragment sets the metal world on a spinning ride of power metal that pummels the body. Their new demo is powerful yet melodic without those high screeching guitar solos. The guitar blends with the music that is tasteful and not over the edge ala Yngwie style. The arrangements are excellent and the vocals have the feel of ancient times. The one thing that is missing from this release is catchy hooks to the songs which will hurt Solar Fragment’s climb to stardom. The CD is good power metal but lacking that catchy element. This is only three songs, so who knows what is to come with a full-length release.

Band Lineup:
  • Dominic Serwe - Bass (ex-Halb so Wild)
  • Gunnar Stein - Drums
  • Manuel Wiegmann - Guitar (Salome's Dance, ex-Halb so Wild)
  • Marc Peters - Guitar (Salome's Dance, ex-Absence, ex-Orden Ogan, ex-Hysterèo)
  • Robert Leger - Vocals (Green Branches, ex-Confidence)


Track Listing:
  1. Wanderlust  
  2. To Thy Crown  
  3. The Assassin 
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