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Slowpanic Sweethearts - All Wrongs Reversed
Slowpanic Sweethearts
All Wrongs Reversed
Hard Rock
2 stars

Sweden’s Slowpanic Sweethearts has just released their latest demo and to my surprise, there has been a vocal change with the parting of Love Utterstrom. Usually a new lead vocalist could mean disaster to a band. Göran Berggren, former lead vocalist of Trigger, brings a new style to Slowpanic Sweethearts.

The vocals are more in the vein of past UK new wave punk bands of the eighties. Nothing is lost by the band musically; they still have their catchy riffs and traditional lyrics. Slowpanic Sweethearts have all the right elements to be successful but are missing the catchy hooks to their songs. They need to be more focused on the lyrics, and pump up the excitement and energy levels. Göran does not show the power or excitement that Love has and it is sad to say this is a band I like that took a step backwards. Sorry guys.

Band Lineup:
  • Göran Berggren - Vocals
  • Michele Berolo - Guitar
  • Victor Esslé - Bass
  • Oscar Sundbaum - Drums


Track Listing:
  1. Cover My Eyes
  2. Another Dice Rollin'
  3. Dead End Kid
  4. Hide Behind The Sky


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