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Savage Heart - Stay Savage
Savage Heart
Stay Savage
3.5 stars

Turning up the volume and hitting warp speed is a natural occurrence, but when you’re starting a new band, and the direction is over saturated-- by youth trying their hand at stardom, you don’t have the best of chances to make an impact. but slashing the boundaries of Judas Priest and glam rock should bring these boys from Gothenburg, Sweden some attention. This is their first demo and it’s not bad at all. The production is good and they have a sense of direction with hooks and a driving force that will hit a home run with metal fans.

Casey C vocals bellow a style of Alice Cooper with the hammer falling on Jonny Gunn’s guitar of chock full of traditional metal riffs. “Highway Beauty Queen” wrenching riffs of Motley Crue’s “Too Fast for Love” rocks and breaks into slamming Judas Priest chords. Gunn breaks into a short solo and gives some dept in the vein of Pretty Boy Floyd. All the tracks are heavy hitters and I welcome a band like Savage Heart that are bringing METAL back to the heights once again.

Band Lineup:
  • Casey C - Vocals, Bass
  • Jonny Gunn - Guitar
  • Peter Crow - Drums


Track Listing:
  1. Highway beauty queen
  2. Shotguns and love
  3. Madman on the run
  4. Sleepwalking madness
  5. A crow's heart
  6. No sleep ('til sun goes up)  


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