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Sothis - Sothis
Black Metal
4 stars

Initial instinct harbored a feeling and reminiscent aura of "Enthrone Darkness Triumphant" era Dimmu Borgir but further inspection and attention to subtle detail forced my cranium to judge otherwise. But to tell the truth my transformation from spite harboring critic to unabashed fan was consummated upon witnessing this incredible band in a live setting at Studio S. located in the ramshackle Burroughs of that semi ghetto known (Lovingly or otherwise) as North Hollywood,Ca.

Cunningly they bid me entrance into their blackened world with an enrapturing version of "Woman of Dark Desires" by Bathory. I then resisted throwing down the dreaded gauntlet of criticism and instead opted for complete correspondence from both my optical and (Most crucial) my audible senses. I was transfixed. But enough of my verbal hi-jinks and onto the subject at hand.

Here we are presented (Or in this case besieged) with the debut mini-opus from Sothis a five piece of sporadically gifted charlatans adding yet more kindling to the ever arsenic (Arsonic) worldwide Black Metal bonfire. Sacrificed for your pleasure are four obscurities cloaked in midnight velvet and arranged dutifully so. True Wagnerian splendor cascades and ebbs during "Hypocrisy" whilst never turning its Hydra-head from the Hell it will inevitably burn in. “The Memory" doesn't merely beg the crumbs from Dimmu's lavishly attired table but instead turns it on its end with the gratuitous force of a nuclear enhanced megaton. Comparisons can (And will) be made to the obvious but let me throw your feeble mind for a loop...Shall I?  O.k. then. Old Man's ChildGloomy Grim? Thy SerpentBorknagar? Yes, all of these assorted deities plus a multitude of phantasmagorical melodies and snippets of originality all of their own.

"Sinister Nation" begins with a benign melody structure I assume could thwart the Devil himself. It’s powerful fucking stuff and is crafted accordingly. One section even boasts a stirring Voi Vod-ish riff to offset its deliriously catchy chorus and sweeping arpeggio solos. The mini CD's nadir is "Reflections Of Old" a storming dervish that made me feel like I was captured by a whirling tornado then repeatedly pummeled by objects invited into it's maelstrom of centrifugal force. Some of the odd time signatures in this should also be given merit badges.

So there you have it. I went from pessimistic yet curious naysayer to full fledged champion of their wicked crusade. See what a smidgen of investigation and attention to minute detail can achieve?

Band Lineup:
  • Drogoth - Vocal Screams
  • Scathe - Guitars, Bass and Backing Vocals
  • Nylock - Guitars
  • Asperia - Keys and Vocal Screams
  • Dross - Battery


Track Listing:
  1. Hypocrisy
  2. The Memory
  3. Sinister Nation
  4. Reflections of Old


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