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Ted Poley And Friends Smash The Cup Complex On A Huge Night Packed With Stars!
by: David Felix & Brian Rademacher...Check Out Our PHOTO GALLERY HERE’s own Brian and Stephanie Rademacher, Mark Balogh, Joe Manno, myself (David Felix) and my wife Judy as well as Rob from and none other than Ted Poley himself along with his wife Rachael representing were ALL in attendance for a very special event held at The Cup Complex in Linden, NJ on Saturday February 17th. The house was packed on this particular evening with friends, fans and numerous special guests all out to show their support for Ted and his partner Vic Rivera (ADRIANGALE) and celebrate the release of “Collateral Damage.” Some of these special guests included Jim Santos and Joe Slattery from MTM Recording artists NORWAY, Metal Mike (HALFORD/PAIN MUSEUM), Jack Frost (SEVEN WITCHES), AJ Fedz (ADRIANGALE/SNAKERIDER), John Macaluso (ARK/Yngwie Malmsteen/TNT/SPREAD EAGLE) and members of New Jersey’s XENON and AMERICAN ANGEL.

As the crowd filed in, the first band to hit the stage was CONSECUTION fronted by the amazing guitar work of Rob Benny. Hmmm… if you look REAL close, he seems to bare a rather striking resemblance to’s staff writer Rob Benaquista! Weird, huh? But anyway, they started off the night with their own unique blend of hard-hitting and progressive power metal. Their set featured a nice blend of originals and a couple of covers which included ’s “Comfortably Numb” and a stellar rendition of RUSH’s “Animate.” While the vocals seemed a bit shaky at times, Benny’s masterful guitar playing more than made up for it making CONSECUTION a band to be reckoned with in the future.

After about 30 minutes or so and a quick set change, it was time for Jersey’s legendary Bill Farley to hit the stage with his band RITUAL! In true dramatic fashion, Farley and the band tore through their set and didn’t miss a beat… even bringing a few audience members up on stage to help dance the night away. These guys were really great and you couldn’t help but have flashbacks of the old Jersey metal club scene and places like Studio One, The Birch Hill Nite Club or Club Bene. (You’d have to be from Jersey to understand!) Bottom line, Farley is just an incredible front man and RITUAL proved that they can still kick some serious ass! This is exactly the kind of energy and musicianship that seems to be somewhat lacking in today’s metal scene… keep up the good work guys!

Next up was the man himself and the man that everyone came to see… Mr. Ted Poley! Accompanied by his writing partner Vic Rivera and long time guitarist and friend Mike Ledesma on dueling acoustic guitars, Ted’s vibrant vocals began to fill the room bringing the near capacity crowd of onlookers to their feet engulfing the entire stage area like never before.

While the set itself was rather short, Ted and company did NOT disappoint. Opening with the DANGER DANGER rocker “Beat The Bullet,” it didn’t take long to realize Ted was in rare form. His powerful, euphonious voice brought the crowd to their knees as Vic and Mike strummed along through other favorites like “Maybe”(from Ted’s solo release “Collateral Damage”), a very heart-felt rendition of “I Still Think About You” and a new song from the upcoming Poley/Rivera release titled “Only Human.”

While Ted is best known for his work in DANGER DANGER, “Only Human” was definitely one of the biggest highlights in the set. The song caresses your imagination with it’s high and low tones accented by its overall essence of power. Without a doubt, this should definitely be considered a debut single for the release and the chemistry between Ted, Vic and Mike made for a very touching moment indeed.

Finally wrapping up the set in true Ted Poley form, they opted to go with the DANGER DANGER classic “Bang Bang.” You could feel the floor shaking as the crowd just went totally wild and sang along with every word. This was truly a set to remember and left everyone in the house begging for more. But can you believe he didn’t do “Naughty Naughty?” We’ll see… after all, the night’s not over yet!

After a very short break, one of the East Coasts premier cover bands, ROCK KANDY was ready to hit the stage. Fronted by lead vocalist Ian Chris, the band tore through hit after hit after hit and included songs by artists such as AC/DC, GUNS ‘N ROSES, BON JOVI, CINDERELLA, SKID ROW, and POISON… just to name a few. And not only were these guys able to show off their musicianship, but they performed the songs to the letter and really gave the audience chills as their minds flashed back to a better time… a time when METAL RULED THE WORLD!

About five or six songs in, Ian called up the first of many special guests, Jim Santos and Joe Slattery from NORWAY to perform the Lita Ford classic “Kiss Me Deadly” with ROCK KANDY co-lead vocalist Mala Carrozza. Slattery’s bass pounded through the night while Mala’s vocal pierced the air and Santos’ guitar echoed and seared through the venue. This was truly a rare treat but was WAY too short. Even as Santos himself said after he got off stage, “I was just getting warmed up!” I just wish I had the chance to hear them play some of their NORWAY originals. Who knows… maybe next time!

The next “victims” to be pulled up on stage were Vic Rivera on guitar, AJ Fedz on the mic with Mala and the absolutely incredible, world-renowned drummer John Macaluso taking over on the skins for a stellar version of AC/DC’s “Highway To Hell!” This was one HELL of a jam and REALLY excited the crowd beyond belief!

But just when you thought the house couldn’t be brought down any more, Ted got in on the act to join AJ, Ian, Mala and Vic(who in a surprising move, jumped behind the drum kit himself!) for a momentous version of JOURNEY’s “Any Way you Want It.” Then, with Vic still behind the drums, they launched into… what else, “Naughty Naughty” to absolutely kick the shit out of whoever was still left standing. After all the bows and waves of applause, ROCK KANDY continued to rock the night away in true, triumphant fashion.

What an incredible evening of music! This was truly an evening to remember as new friendships were formed, old ones renewed and just about everyone was left reeling with enthusiasm and excitement after witnessing this supreme event.

At this time, would just like to thank all the sponsors who contributed to this event including Perris Records (, Kivel Records (,, and our brother website, Rob and everyone at Please don’t forget to check out Stickman Radio, sign up and make your requests for all the artists on the bill and MORE to show them your support. We would also like to thank Joe, Dan and the entire staff at The Cup Complex ( for making this a great experience and most of all Kevin (aka DJ Brotherman) for all his hard work and for making this night possible.

Of course, we would like to thank ALL the artists on the bill as well as ALL of our special guests who sacrificed their time to make this such a fun and eventful evening. Ted Poley, Vic Rivera, ROCK KANDY and their manager Christie, Mike Ledesma, Bill Farley & RITUAL, Rob Benny & CONSECUTION, Jim Santos & Joe Slattery from NORWAY, Metal Mike, Jack Frost, AJ Fedz from SNAKERIDER, John Macaluso from TNT/ARK and soon UNION RADIO, AMERICAN ANGEL, XENON… Thank you ALL for your support. We proudly consider ALL of you friends and class acts all around.

And finally, we would like to thank all of our families and friends who came out to show their support and all the fans that showed up and made this such as successful evening for everyone involved.


The following Autographed guitar has been donated to the Woodbridge Buddy Ball President Danny Taylor on Behalf of Radio.

Mr. Taylor had been a force in helping the special needs children of Woodbridge Township for many years. His dedication to the Woodbridge Buddy ball goals has provided an outlet for children who might not have otherwise experienced organized sports due to their disabilities.

All the artists and special guest at The Radio. Ted Poley show on Feb 17th, 2007 have signed the guitar to be donate to the children of the Woodbridge Buddy Ball

Autographed By:
Ted Poley: Danger Danger, Poly/Rivera
Vic Rivera: Adriangale, Poly/Rivera
Jim Santos: Norway
Joe Slattery: Norway
John Macaluso: TNT, Yngwie, Spread Eagle
Ian Criss: Rock Kandy
Mala Carrozza: Rock Kandy
Kevin DiLeo: Rock Kandy
PJ Lamonica: Rock Kandy
Miguel Santos: Rock Kandy
Bill Farley: Ritual
Metal Mike: Pain Museum, Halford
Jack Frost: Seven Witches
AJ Fedz: Snakeryder


The guitar was presented to Danny Taylor & the Woodbridge Buddy Ball Group on February 24th, 2007.

Danny Taylor of Woodbridge Buddy Ball & Brian of Rock Eyez

Danny Taylor & Brian Rademacher along with some children from Buddy Ball

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