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Interview with Conny Bloom
(Guitars - Hanoi Rocks/Conny Bloom)

Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: January 2007 / /

Brian Rademacher: Hello Conny, and welcome to Rockeyez!

Conny Bloom: Thank you!

Brian Rademacher: You started taking guitar lessons around the age of eleven or twelve. Do you remember the name of the first guitar you received?

Conny Bloom: Of course! It was a Nippon Best, acoustic nylon string guitar. I played classical music for a couple of years to learn the instrument. My first electric was a Telecaster copy, "Diamond" I think it was called, then a Les Paul copy named "Ganson" and then I got my first real Fender Stratocaster.

Brian Rademacher: I would guess at the time you were in junior high school. What kind of kid were you in school?

Conny Bloom: I was pretty shy, enjoyed art & music most.

Brian Rademacher: Did you play any sports?

Conny Bloom: I was pretty good at tennis for a while, until guitar playing took over. I also played football, table tennis, etc. as well, like kids do.

Brian Rademacher: Do you remember the first record you ever got?

Conny Bloom: Yes! The 1st single was "It's Only Rock 'n' Roll" by the ROLLING STONES, got the "Killer" album by the ALICE COOPER band around the same time.

Brian Rademacher: The first band you played in was ROADRATS. Were you also in a garage band before that, which just played in the basement?

Conny Bloom: ROADRATS was a garage band :-) I was in a bunch of little sucky bands before that, just foolin' around. Loved playing guitar but didn't know shit about how to write songs & sing.

Brian Rademacher: Was ROADRATS playing originals or covers? And do you remember the first show you ever played in front of an audience?

Conny Bloom: We wrote our own stuff but did "Sabre Dance" and a couple of other covers as well. Can't remember our first gig, but I do remember my own: some gig in school where the principal came up on stage and told us to turn down after 1 minute. I never did and I've got the scars to prove it.

Brian Rademacher: After that, you moved onto ROLENE. How old were you then and was that originals or covers?

Conny Bloom: Still a teenager, we were doing our own material and a few covers as well.

Brian Rademacher: I read you were the local guitar hero at age fourteen. Can you tell me a little about that?

Conny Bloom: Well, I learned very quickly. It might have been earlier. Think I started to play seriously at 11 and it only took me a couple of years to be good enough to impress people.

Brian Rademacher: When you started the ELECTRIC BOYS, which was fairly popular, and you signed the record deal, were there any kind of restrictions back then?

Conny Bloom: No, we were a tough bunch to deal with. We told them we were gonna have sitars, birds, backwards stuff& and they swallowed the bait. I must say we were lucky cuz our A 'n' R guy, Peo Berghagen, was very open-minded and even turned us on to some very psychedelic stuff.

Brian Rademacher: Tell me some of the things you would ask for on your rider then.

Conny Bloom: Nothing special, we were happy if we had beers and sandwiches! We used to piss them off asking for Nag Champa incense which at the time would be hard to find out in the woods.

Brian Rademacher: You moved onto SILVER GINGER 5, do you consider yourself still part of that band even though you are in HANOI ROCKS now?

Conny Bloom: Do they exist? It was Ginger's record to begin with and he put the band together after that. I'm the guitar player in HANOI ROCKS. If Ginger wants to do a SILVER GINGER 5 album I'd be very interested cuz I love the guy but I doubt I would have much time at the moment. Maybe later, who knows? Anyway, G's busy at the moment with THE WILDHEARTS and other stuff too.

Brian Rademacher: What can we look forward in the future of Ginger?

Conny Bloom: You'd have to ask him. Hopefully more of the same! He's one of the best songwriters in that style& maybe another SONIC CIRCUS album.

Brian Rademacher: At present, you re working on the new HANOI ROCKS CD. How s that coming along? Can you give us any information on it?

Conny Bloom: It sure sounds promising! We're all throwing ideas around and it will be great once it's finished. I think it will be a more "live" sounding record than the last one, more like "a band."

Brian Rademacher: Tell me about your first experience meeting Michael Monroe?

Conny Bloom: Way back in the 80's! We didn't talk much; he seemed kinda shy, but also very sweet and professional. Have a lot of good memories from those times. My first plane ride was with them and Razzle actually. Remember being nervous and he came and sat down with me and made sure things would be ok. A true sweetheart, he was. Nasty and I would be drinking and dancing, closing the bars and Andy and I were playing a lot, checking out guitar stores, etc. Same stuff we still do today, basically.

Brian Rademacher: Do you do all the writing now for HANOI?

Conny Bloom: Yes, only me. Michael and Andy don't have anything to say, ha, ha! Seriously& mainly HANOI yes, bouncing ideas around with the others& I've got half a  Gypsy Jazz album lying about as well but that will be for something completely different in the future.

Brian Rademacher: When you are writing, do you use an acoustic guitar& how does that work?

Conny Bloom: Anything goes. Any guitar will do and sometimes even just in my head, without an instrument.

Brian Rademacher: What was the wildest experience so far being with HANOI ROCKS?

Conny Bloom: I can vaguely recall a day that went by without any chaos some time in 2006.

Brian Rademacher: If you could change anything in your music career or life, what would that be?

Conny Bloom: I'm a "forever onwards" person and I don't look back much. What happened happened for a reason and there's not much to discuss about it. Better try and learn from the past than regret it.

Brian Rademacher: What is your favorite guitar at this point and how many do you have?

Conny Bloom: My old Strats got 2 of them. And my Di Mauro gypsy jazz guitar. Got about 4-5 different acoustics and 4-5 electrics.

Brian Rademacher: It seems like HANOI ROCKS and other bands of that genre are making a big comeback. It seems also that bands from Finland and Sweden are leading the way. Kids miss the great stage show and are tired of bands just standing there doing nothing. Do you feel the same way and why?

Conny Bloom: I don't get that, for 2 reasons: one -- if you play high-energy hard rock, how can you stand still unless you are faking? And two-- why would you walk on stage and dress/act boring if you know that, everyone is there watching you? Having said that, I too can be very moody and not play that great on certain nights too.

Brian Rademacher: If you could put on a show like ALICE COOPER did-since he is one of your favorites-what are some of the wild things you could come up with?

Conny Bloom: If I have any ideas like that, I'll tell them to Michael instead of you!

Brian Rademacher: Is there any guitarist that you would like to jam with at some point?

Conny Bloom: Jimmy Page. He liked my performance at the Polar Price banquet and asked me to send him my CD's. I think we would play real well together.

Brian Rademacher: Will there be a new Conny Bloom solo release?

Conny Bloom: Yeah, I will release a solo album when it's finished. It's mainly the stuff I started before I joined HANOI ROCKS, Funky and melodic.

Brian Rademacher: Will HANOI come to the states in 2007?

Conny Bloom: Looks very likely, yeah! I can't wait to go there again!

Brian Rademacher: Do you have any guest appearances coming up?

Conny Bloom: I do little things here in Stockholm with friends back and forth, that's about it.

Brian Rademacher: Well Conny it has been great to talk with you, would you like to say anything to our readers and the fans?

Conny Bloom: Give a Lil love and you will get a lot in return. And if you are a guitar player, practice! And steal& there's no other way.


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