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Interview with Josh Caddy


Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: August 2010

Josh Caddy: Hey Brian whatís up? This is Josh from BAD CITY. Weíre just on the way to a show with HINDER.

Brian Rademacher: Cool man! First letís get to the big change, going from THEE ARMADA with that power pop sound to a much more aggressive style with BAD CITY. Why the change?

Josh Caddy: Musically, itís definitely a change. I always had it in me especially during the live performances where I let out the rock tone. I was ready to change and I got the call from Bob DeBelina from Azoff Music Management saying you gotta check these guys out there putting together this band, Iíll send over a couple songs see if youíre interested. They sent over the tunes and I said I gotta be a part of this. I auditioned and I actually sang like when I was with THEE ARMADA and they said weíre really not looking for that. So I said let me just let the bat out of the cage; I went full flex on the next song and they said yep this is what we are looking for. I flew out and we started tracking songs.

Brian Rademacher: Did you get any feedback from the THEE ARMADA fans for what youíre doing now?

Josh Caddy: No, not really because most of them arenít aware of BAD CITY yet. I am interested what people think and to be honest I canít be too hopeful. The kids that genuinely did like THEE ARMADA, this is not their style of music. Iím really not going to be disappointed if they say I really donít like it Josh.

Brian Rademacher: You had a pretty big following over there with THEE ARMADA. I donít know if I could have done that jumping from a power pop band with a good following to a rock band that is just starting out and you said it really doesnít bother you right?

Josh Caddy: THEE ARMADA was already at a turning point and at the end of its game. We talked about changing the name, we were planning to start fresh and start over again. We started writing rock songs near the end to go with the new band name and it wasnít just me it was all the guys were looking for something new and something different and BIG CITY just happen to come at the right time for me.

Brian Rademacher: How was it recording in the studio compared to past experiences?

Josh Caddy: In the past singing with THEE ARMADA was much easier because I didnít have to be so aggressive. THEE ARMADA was laid back and with BAD CITY the vocals are much more extreme and in the beginning I had to get use to it and I hit some humps. Eventually, I found my vocals and was able to do the record.

Brian Rademacher: As you can see in our review that I really think highly of the release and think fans will also love the record.

Josh Caddy: Yeah, all we have is passion and all five members made the record we wanted to make and we are excited that the record is finally released.

Brian Rademacher: Tell me a little about your past?

Josh Caddy: To be honest skateboarding was my life in California. I was a sponsored skateboarder. I would skateboard to school keep my board on my backpack and on the way home stop at the park and skate until it was time to skate back home, eat dinner do homework and go to bed. That was my huge passion growing up. It wasnít until high school that I got a guitar and started playing; never thought about singing, starting some bands with friends. I did background vocals and screaming. It was like a screamo band like STATIC LULLABY. I had a chance to go out with a band called ALICO for a couple weeks on tour in Texas as a guitar player and we had an opportunity to record a record in Houston, TX so we all moved out there to work on this record. Thirty days out with the trailer and all the gear we had was stolen. I lost my guitar, everybody lost everything and at that time I was stuck in a lease in the apartment out there so I had to stay. So I said I just donít want to sit out here and do nothing with my life. I still want to be involved with music and thatís when I tried out for THEE ARMADA as singer. That was the first time I ever sung and thatís how I started with singing.

Brian Rademacher: Was there any band that you looked up to at that time?

Josh Caddy: I was into BLINK182 and NEW FOUND GLORY back in the day. I never anticipated being a vocalist and never dove into various singers. Now I can tell you my main influence is Freddie Mercury of QUEEN and second is Sebastian Bach (ex-SKID ROW).

Brian Rademacher: As a matter of fact I reference QUEEN in our review.

Josh Caddy: Yeah on "Do You Believe In Rock N Roll", that was very cool.

Brian Rademacher: Youíre out with HINDER right now, is there any special things you have on your tour rider?

Josh Caddy: At this point we are not accommodated by our tour rider. Basically we get there, if the venue has catering we are offered catering and half the shows are just buy outs. They give us money to go out and buy food for ourselves.

Brian Rademacher: Tell me how grueling it is touring.

Josh Caddy: (laughing) Itís pretty rough man, it really is. Wow, especially the first night. The first night of the HINDER tour we were like are these guys going to be cool, are they going to treat us good. The guys invite us on their bus and theyíre ready to party with us, it started with Jaeger shots and so on. It was a crazy night for us because we had a show the next day and they wanted to get hammered with us so we didnít want to be the new band that bailed out on HINDER. So we stayed up with them and it was a little rough the next day and the next night they were at it again with us. We had to tone it down a bit now we donít want to get wasted every night especially for me because alcohol dries out your voice. I have to stay on my "A" game at all times.

Brian Rademacher: How fucked up is Blower of HINDER because we interviewed him awhile back and he told us he gets naked and they shoot paint balls at his sack on the tour bus.

Josh Caddy: Yeah he took out his balls and drenched them with hairspray and lit them on fire, that was so insane.

Brian Rademacher: So what do you guys do to top something like that?

Josh Caddy: We donít do that! A couple nights after the show in South Dakota we got naked and danced around a campfire like wild animals.

Brian Rademacher: How are the females so far?

Josh Caddy: Very good, very good! For the whole band the girls who are interested in BAD CITY are completely different than the girls that were interested in us with THEE ARMADA. The girls for THEE ARMADA were between thirteen and seventeen and I canít tell you if I have seen a seventeen year old yet at a BIG CITY show.

Brian Rademacher: What are your expectations of the debut of BAD CITY?

Josh Caddy: It would be awesome if it was recognized in the top ten of this year. I donít feel it needs to be a top selling record. Weíre a brand new band, we havenít had much marketing but weíre out on the road planting the seed in every city and every state. I hope people see our band as a real band than like a eighties throwback thing or a cover band because thatís definitely not what we are in any kind of way. People are saying you take me back to the day when I was rocking with my boys. There are a couple people out there that just donít get it, weíre just an ironic band.

Brian Rademacher: I can hear influences of bands of the past but I feel you guys are a more modern band from bands back than that brings a new sound with more aggression. I love it.

Josh Caddy: Thank you and thatís what we are going for. We took influences from all our favorite bands which happen to be from that decade and modernized it and brought it to a new level.

Brian Rademacher: Tell me three things that people donít know about you?

Josh Caddy: One, I truly am still good at skateboarding, this is difficult. My cell phone doesnít receive pictures. Iím the only one in the world that canít get a picture on their cell phone. Kevinís phone is five years older than mine and he gets pictures on his phone, thatís terrible. The last thing Iím a huge mamaís boy. I love my Mom I call her every night and I tell her everything. If we get naked around the camp fire I tell her I donít hold anything back from my Mom.

Brian Rademacher: So what is she most proud of you for?

Josh Caddy: Sheís proud of me for rockiní. She thought I was going to be a professional skateboarder and sheís always behind me no matter what I do. Both my Mom and my Dad are fully behind me all the time. They are happy Iím reaching some level of success and there very happy for me.

Brian Rademacher: How are you getting along with all the members of the band?

Josh Caddy: Itís phenomenal. The first time we meet and went out we just clicked. I did some singing in front of them, everybody was vibeín it and we stayed up all night and made a little bonfire. Now the guys are just like family. In the eight months Iíve been with them Iím closer to the guys than Iíve ever been with the THEE ARMADA guys.

Brian Rademacher: Is there any song on the release that you like singing live the most?

Josh Caddy: Performance-wise I love to sing "Look Out". Thatís my favorite to perform live.

Brian Rademacher: Well Josh I congratulate you and BAD CITY on the new CD and I hope you enjoyed our review.

Josh Caddy: Yes I did, we all loved it.

Brian Rademacher: Would you like to say anything to your fans?

Josh Caddy: Yeah join our street teams, buy the new record and enjoy the music. And thanks Brian.


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