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Ted Poley’s Adventure with Rockeyez

Ted Poley
by David Felix & Brian Rademacher - June 17th, 2006

Well it was a day to remember on a hot afternoon in June. Melodic rocker Ted Poley (DANGER DANGER, Poley/Rivera) invited the staff of Rockeyez for an exclusive look into his own little world at his home in Pennsylvania.

As we pulled up to his house, the first thing we noticed was the rather dense foliage covering the front fence and the big white letters spelling out “Poley” on the mailbox. We entered the gate and before we even reached the front door, it flung open and there was Ted sporting an army-green, collared vest and a pair of your standard blue jeans welcoming us into his home. Ted Poley

As we stepped over the Poley welcome mat, we were met first by Ted’s pirate dog Harley. Harley is a Boston terrier that lost one eye to diseases; he ate up all the attention. Ted also has three cats, a beautiful jet-black shorthair named Beavis, a soft, gray and white puffball appropriately named Charmin and, of course, Charmin’s calico mother simply named Mama-cat. They would all show themselves sporadically through out the afternoon except for Beavis who would just follow us around from room to room sucking up all the attention he could get… especially from Judy (Felix).

Finally we had the pleasure of meeting Ted’s stunning wife Rachael who was actually not feeling too well at first but as the day progressed, we were happy to learn that she was feeling much better. Rachael was the perfect hostess and warmed up to everyone almost immediately spending most of her time chatting away with both Judy and Stephanie (Rademacher) while the “boys” we out playing with Ted! Dave (Felix) & Judy also greeted her with a chocolate mousse cake, which, coincidentally, turned out to be from Ted’s favorite bakery in New Jersey called “Brother’s” in Kearny.Ted Poley

After chatting a bit in Ted’s living room surrounded by various gold albums from his past releases with DANGER DANGER and BONEMACHINE (although not as “authentic” as they may seem), various treasures from his personal antique toy collection (which include an awesome 6-foot tall reproduction of King-Tut’s tomb with a CD/DVD rack inside) and a replica knight statue sporting a caricature of Ted’s face in the helmet, we headed back to the TV room. The room itself was actually an addition added on by the home’s previous owner and included a dark, navy blue sectional and, of course, a large screen TV which was actually one of the first wide-screen television models ever made over 15 years ago. “The tube actually blew once,” Ted explained, but after a $300.00 investment, it’s still going strong.

The one thing we noticed about Ted’s home was that despite the fact it may look small on the outside, there are many, many rooms and you never know what’s around the next corner. Ted is an antique collector and, believe it or not, built up most of his collection after the glory days of DANGER DANGER and with his own money. “I just love doing this,” he said, “It’s a really fun hobby and I have a great time with it.” It was then we noticed the giant spatula hanging on the wall just behind him. Ted joked and said it was for those giant Jersey mosquitoes!Ted Poley and Brian

As we sat in the TV room, we talked about many different ventures as Ted browsed through the two giant books of guitar picks from the exclusive “Brian Rademacher” collection built up over the years. Ted was very impressed but then whipped out his memorabilia book of ticket stubs and guitar picks he had collected. Artists such as David Bowie, LED ZEPPELIN, KISS, and LYNYRD SKYNYRD (this was a ticket for the show that they never made it to) were all represented. He even had a ticket stub from a HEART show he had attended and the very first guitar pick made for Nancy Wilson of Heart, which he caught at the show… what a treasure!

Ted then popped in demos for the new Poley/ Rivera upcoming release. Holy Shit! I can’t wait till this comes out! The collaboration between Vic Rivera and Ted Poley kicks ass! The songs are more melodic with a harder edge…Poley/Rivera is definitely destined for success. This is going to be a tremendous release. We’d love to mention some of the song titles but you’ll just have to wait!Ted Poley with Picks

After taking some photos and Ted signing some photos for the “Woodbridge Buddy Ball,” a program for specially challenged children, we headed for the practice room where you can just imagine the stories and musicians who have been there. To our surprise, Ted entertained us to two live songs that he is working on... compliments of some music tracks he had laid down on his iPod. One of the songs, written by the late Eric Carr of KISS fame called “Just Can’t Wait,” is just unbelievable. It is really sad that Eric had to be taken to Ted Poley and his display casethe next world when he had so much left to offer and so many who loved him. If this was any indication of what an Eric Carr’s solo album was going to be like, it would have been a platinum seller. Ted went on to tell us the song was sent to him from Eric’s sister Loretta for an upcoming project. So please contact Loretta for more information on the project at Ted Poley

The next song was also very impressive by a Spanish artist named Jorge Salan from a Spanish heavy metal band called MAGO DE OZ (WIZARD OF OZ). “A lot of young artists and/or song writers send me stuff,” Ted explained, “But I really have to love it and believe in it for me to add my voice to it. This one is just exactly what I look for.” It really was a great treat to hear him sing these songs just for us and what an incredible compliment to the writers. I mean Hell, who would want Ted’s amazing vocals added to their music?

We stayed in the practice room for a little while longer looking at collectibles and vintage photos of Alice Cooper, DANGER DANGER, a cartoon drawn of Ted as a “Simpson” by one of his dear friends and favorite artist Frank Garofolo (be sure to check this guy out on the web!) and a rather unusual photo of Ted with Gene Simmons of KISS pulling a condom out of a walnut! This all preceded a rather amusing story Ted was telling us about Gene when DANGER DANGER opened for KISS. “I remember it was the first night we were out on tour with them. We had a really killer show and what I use to do was throw towels out into the audience. It turns out on that particular evening I threw out six and the reason I remember it was six was because after our set, Gene came up to me and was like “Ok, that was six towels at $6.00 a piece… you owe me $36.00!” And I was like, “I owe you $36.00?” And Gene said, “Yes… $36.00. You threw out six of my towels and they are $6.00 each… that totals $36.00 and I want the money from YOU personally. Not your manager, YOU! So I was just like, “Ok, Gene… no problem.” I guess it was just his way of saying while you’re opening up for us, be good… but not TOO good.” (Laughs)Ted poley

Also in the practice room, there was another item that aroused our attention... an exercise bike. Ted explained that he uses the bike when he is about to go on tour. He practices for the tour by singing and riding the bike at the same time to build up the energy, which keeps him going for the full set and provides every bit of power to his performance. “We don’t do any lip-syncing like some other performers!” (Laughs).

Now wait a minute! What about that picture with Gene pulling the condom out of a walnut? The explanation to that was yet another funny story during the DANGER DANGER/ KISS tour. “We were out on tour with KISS and I was hanging out with Gene. So he turns to me and goes, “I bet you $5.00 I can pull a condom out of this walnut.” So I just played along with him and said, “Ok Gene… you’re on!” Sure enough, he cracked the walnut open and out came a condom and that picture was snapped just as he was holding it up. And yeah, I paid up!”Ted Poley and his Wife

Our next venture took us outside to Ted’s back yard and garden. The first thing he pointed out were all the tiny little holes and dents in his garage and all the trimmed down and broken weeds just in front of it. “I weed via air-rifle!” he said. (Laughs) “I’m a pretty good shot too; I don’t even use a scope! I just stand inside the doorway back there and trim them down with my bb gun! (Laughs) That’s where all the holes and dents come from… the bb’s shooting through the weeds and bouncing off the garage.”Ted, Dave, Brian, and Judy
A little farther down the path, we come to Ted’s garden where he grows fresh tomatoes as well as several other various vegetables. Now the garden is nestled right behind where his wicked neighbor lives who has absolutely nothing better to do than harass not only Ted but all the neighbors in the surrounding area. “We all had to put up fences to keep her out! She’s a nut, man! She’s even had the balls to go into other people’s yards to whack down their bushes or hedges if she thinks they’re getting too high! But since we’ve all pretty much barricaded ourselves in, she’s got the town officials on speed dial to get them down here the second anyone’s shrubs go an inch over regulation… nuts!”Stephanie, Judy, and Ted

After a short tour of the area and a visit to the inside of Ted’s garage where he stores “his baby,” a beautiful, silver 2000 Toyota Spyder convertible, we went back inside where we started noticing for the first time, two things… One, in almost every room in the house, there’s a doll or some sort of reference to one of his long-standing idols, Paul Stanley of KISS. (We were actually surprised not to find one hanging from his car’s mirror!) And Two… there are numerous suitcases and unpacked luggage around. What’s up with that? “I hate unpacking! (Laughs) I mean this one for example,” as he motions to a black, canvas bag just inside his TV room, “was from our vacation back in December! What I do is, when I am getting ready for a trip I just throw the whole, damned thing into the laundry and Walla! I’m all set to go!” While we were in the general vicinity, Ted just couldn’t help but grab the enormous box of fireworks he had hidden just beyond the bag, which he is saving for his “4th of July” celebration! “It’s a blast! I love Pennsylvania because you can’t do this shit in Jersey! I actually picked these up in a local supermarket.
We have a great time but the day after, the yard always ends up looking like a war zone with all the exploded casings!”Ted Poley

On to the antique room where Ted has a huge amount of vintage collectibles as well as some Egyptian artifacts… some dating back over 4000 years! One was a very cool ushabti (a small, mummy-like figurine) about 2500 years old, which use to be buried with the dead and was believed to help the deceased in the afterlife. Another was a piece of ancient Roman glass, almost in a test tube shape with a broader base, used to catch the tears of mourners at a funeral. Very cool and very interesting… he is very proud of his collection.

Ted will be off soon for a special “meet and greet” in Japan next month. He then took a moment to show us all the exclusive merchandise he had made and will be giving out ONLY to his fans in Japan…a Ted Poley promotional poster, Sticker, the new Ted Poley solo CD “Collateral Damage” and his first ever personalized guitar pick… not to mention an unlimited photo and autograph session! Information can be obtain at Ted Poley and fireworks

Finally, after several hours, Ted had just about had enough of us and all our antics. Between Judy fondling and teasing the pets, Stephanie messing around with his DVD player, Brian snapping picture, after picture after picture and Dave asking stupid question after stupid question, Ted just couldn’t take it anymore and threw us the hell out into the  hot, glaring sun piercing the late afternoon Pennsylvania sky! Ok, ok… that didn’t happen. Ted was nothing less than a gracious host and one of the nicest, most down to Earth people I have ever had the pleasure of spending some time with. Also, special kudos to Rachael who was just as gracious, down to earth and as sweet as could be to us hoard of hoodlums invading her home!Ted Poley and glider

At this point, we said our good-byes and departed the “Poley” estate for our trip back to Jersey… but it doesn’t end there! About half way home, we get a call from Ted, “Come back! We forgot about the cake! (Laughs)” But alas, we had gone too far so Ted just conceded to having a “cake party” in our honor later that evening.

We continued on stopping only once at the Cracker Barrel restaurant, where Dave and Judy treated for dinner (Thanks guys!). Just another surprise in a day filled with surprises and adventures. This was truly a day to remember for our staff… to be cordially invited to the home of a true rocker like Mr. Poley is almost unheard of. It was a great experience with some very wonderful people… and pets! Many thanks to the Poleys once again for not only the invite, but everything else that went along with it. We will never forget it, the experience, your hospitality and our own private show featuring Ted Poley himself.

Thank you from Rockeyez - Brian, Stephanie, Dave & Judy.

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