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Rock Eyez' 2009 Best of ...
Reviewer: Brian Rademacher (CEO Rockeyez)

Favorite Top 10 CDs:
  1. Skillet “Awake” INO Records Lava/Atlantic
  2. Hollywood Undead “Swan Song” A&M/Octone, Polydor
  3. Vains of Jenna “The Art of Telling Lies” RLS/Raw Noise Records
  4. The Veer Union “Against The Grain” Universal Motown Records
  5. House of Lords “Cartesian Dreams” Frontiers
  6. Papa Roach “Metamorphosis” DGC/Interscope
  7. Wildstreet “WildStreet” Retrospect Records
  8. Pillar “Confessions” Essential Records
  9. Mantic Ritual “Executioner” Nuclear Blast
  10. Saint Deamon “Pandeamonium” Frontiers-Records
Top New Bands of 2009:
Top Three Bands or Artists of 2009:
Comeback Band of 2009:
  • CRASHDÏET with new singer (Simon Cruz)
Disappointment Of The Year
Special Thanks:

So many people to thank and I have to start with my wife Stephanie who took over as webmaster and does a killer job all round. Second in command is Mark Balogh who without him I am sure there would not be a RockEyez anymore. Mark and I have got closer and have a great bind together. We both think alike and work well on everything we do. Thanks to my kids who are the world to me. Rob at Stickman radio and Carlos Rodriguez. Pedro Lopes, Tom Stewart, Jay Amabile, and our staff Greg Schmitt, David Felix, Toe Knee, Paola Axelle De Zotti, Lady Ace, Lisa formerly of Dexter’s, Frank from Metal Noize TV, Chandler Mogel, Manny Cabo & Michael T. of Grand Life Suite, Ted Poley, Vic Rivera, Doug Odell, Eddie Campbell, Lisbeth Hellman, Dustin Hardman, Frontiers, Andrew McNeice, Benjamin Farber, Eric Jayk and The Wildstreet boys, Markus Allen Christopher, Sam at Retrospect Records, Lance King, Kaj Roth, The Rocklahoma management, The great people at Total Assault management, Loana dP. Valencia at Nuclear Blast USA, Carol Kaye, Tom Mathers (My Mentor), Martin Sweet and Peter London.
I can keep going because so many people have helped us along the way and I know I’m missing many of you especially the bands, so many great artists out there and many we did not have time to review please accept our apologies.

    The release of our debut EP (Thanks to Sam McCaslin/Retrospect Records), a 9 1/2 week US Tour, and playing at the Rocklahoma festival, helped to make 2009 an amazing and groundbreaking year for the band. A warm thank you to: Brian Rademacher and for supporting us throughout!

    To all our fans/friends (old and new), label/support staff, and We promise...You aint seen nothing yet! ...yea!
    All our Love,
  • SKILLET I'm all pumped up to be named the number 1 record on’s Top 10 CD List for 2009! It means a lot that people take the time to rock out to our music. It's also awesome to be in such great company with the other groups mentioned. Thanks and keep rockin with Skillet into the new year baby!
    John Cooper
  • Pillar "We are completely humbled to be recognized in such great company ; as well as recognition from the music guru site This is by far the most passionate record we have ever done. Thanks for recognizing our hard work and including us in your '09 "best of." RockEyez is in our " best of " too!
    Rob Beckley
  • DYNAZTY Thanks a lot Brian!! that's very cool ;)
    Best regards George / Dynazty
  • PEEPSHOW We're honored to be picked as one of the best new bands 2009! Many thanks to the friends and fans who have stuck with us. We promise that 2010 is gonna be killer! We'd also like to thank Brian Rademacher (RockEyez) for his support!
    Keep rockin fuckers!
    "A single "Thank You" is not enough especially if you get picked out of hundreds of new bands through the world and having in mind that we're actually a band that originates from Greece makes me really tell you: Efharistoume Poly!!!! Stay tuned 'cause OUTLOUD will not disappoint anyone who believed in us."
    Bob Katsionis
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