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Shiny Toy Guns - We Are Pilots
Shiny Toy Guns
We Are Pilots
4 stars

First impressions are always an indication of what you will think a band is all about. As I popped in Shiny Toy Guns’ CD “We Are Pilots” and heard the first song “Le Disko,” I really was not too happy with the direction of the band. “Le Disko” really did nothing for me-but you can’t go by one song.

“You Are the One” brings new excitement and total change from “Le Disko.” The extreme pleasant sound of Shiny Toy Guns brings memories back of New Order, Depeche Mode, New Musik and one of my favorite band’s vocalists (Broken Home’s Dickens) and the great new wave era. “Don’t Cry Out” is another good track with Cyndi Lauper-style vocals by Carah backed by calming synthesizers. The highlight song that will be a trademark for the band has to be “Rainy Monday.” It is very uplifting. This is a song that to me will have longevity and should go down as a classic tune. Just fantastic!!!

The one thing that I have not determined if I like or not is that by listening to the CD you basically get two CD’s in one. Carah Faye and Gregori Chad Petree seem to trade off vocals on pretty much every other track. Carah’s songs are good and a bit mellower, but Gregori’s higher, powerful vocals reminded me of Sting or Bono. You will hear that especially in “Shaken” and “Photograph”. Overall, this is a great CD to add to your collection it is fun music that will have you dancing like in the good days of New Wave.

Band Lineup:
  • Carah Faye - Vocals
  • Gregori Chad Petree - Vocals, Guitars 
  • Jeremy Dawson - Synths, Bass
  • Mikey Martin - Drums


Track Listing:
  1. Le Disko
  2. You Are the One
  3. Don't Cry Out
  4. Rainy Monday
  5. We Are Pilots
  6. Shaken
  7. Turn To Real Life
  8. Waiting
  9. When they came for us
  10. Weather Girl
  11. Photograph
  12. Stripped


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