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Liberty N Justice - Soundtrack of a Soul
Liberty N’ Justice
LNJ Records / MTM Records
Soundtrack of a Soul
Christian Rock
4.5 stars

Liberty N’ Justice is back again with an all-star line-up of chartbusting performances by some of the top rock artists in the business, featuring sixteen-tracks of music inspired from the heavens above. Thirteen of the sixteen tracks were written by co-founder Justin Murr (these songs, took him over two and a half years to write).

I am going to break this down track by track so sit back and enjoy. The CD opens with a narration by Jack Black and rocks into “King of Hollywood” with vocals by Ez Gomer of Jet Circus. I am new to Ez Gomer but I became a fan once I heard this track. I love the projects by LNJ because you do not only get to hear some new vibes you also get to enjoy a higher power of music through the vocalist. “Kings of Hollywood” is excellent and Gomer’s vocals are killer.

“Another Nail” sung by Sebastian Bach has ripping vocals; it’s a good song but not my favorite on this release. Russell Arcara adds great dimension on “State of Grace” which is a fantastic tune with Russell’s melodic soothing voice makes this song standout with a great message in the lyrics ‘…Only hope can save a child.’ Jamie Rowe of Guardian gets laid back with an acoustic track titled “Malice in Wonderland” this tune can mellow out your mind.

Bride members Dale & Troy Thompson contribute with a total rockin’ tune called “Grenade” it sound like a mixture of Skid Row and Stryper and will ‘knock your socks off.’ Lynch Mob’s Oni Logan tears it up with another great track calledShow Me the Way” which could make it to the top of the charts. One line that caught my attention ‘…Oh lord, show me the way…’ if this is any indication what Christian Rock is about, this will change many adolescence minds as to what good music is all about.

Leif Garrett… what? Leif Garrett?… forget that past image Garrett pumps out “Sight Unseen” and will show you what maturity is all about. “Up That Hill” done by Josh Kramer of Saint is a fair tune but the drum tracks are a let down. Tony Harnell does one of the most aggressive tunes called "Flinch" and pulls off one of the best tunes on the CD.

What a team Mark Slaughter of Slaughter & Pete Loran of Trixter hit paydirt with another fantastic track “Thy Will Be Done”. These two should team up again because this could be a million dollar duo. The chorus is on fire with lyrics like ‘…Here I am, All I have left is you Lord…’

Does Stephen Pearcy know how to rock? You bet! Check out “Killer Grin” plenty of reverb and melting riffs. Piano sounds to angelic voices Joe Cerisano of Silver Condor / Trans-Siberian Orchestra just smokes on “If The World Could Be Mine” this is true excellence. One of the best vocal performances on this release is by Mr. Ted Poley of Danger Danger doing “Always Tomorrow” which could be a top of the rotation track.

Hope & Pray / Ballad of King David” sung by Phil Naro of Talas has great meaning with powerful vocals and good harmonies. The last track “Make Believe” by Mike Lee of Barren Cross is up-lifting and ends another chapter in Liberty N’ Justice and it is a great one. “Soundtrack of a Soul” has a powerful message and all the artists that have given their time to this project should be applauded. These songs could change the way you see things as you open your hearts to a new way of life.

Press release:

Liberty n' Justice's "Soundtrack of A Soul"
Liberty n' Justice is pleased to announce the street dates for "Soundtrack of a Soul" in Europe (through MTM Music) is March 24, 2006 and for North America (through LNJ Records) the date will be Tuesday, March 28, 2006. Avantage Records in Brazil release date TBA. The CD features guest vocals by Sebastian Bach (x-Skid Row),Stephen Pearcy (x-Ratt), Mark Slaughter (Slaughter), Pete Loran (Trixter), Tony Harnell (TNT), Ted Poley (Danger Danger), Oni Logan (Lynch Mob), Leif Garrett, Ez Gomer (Jet Circus),Jamie Rowe (Guardian/Adrian Gale),Dale & Troy Thompson (Bride), Scott Wenzel (White Cross), Phil Naro (Talas), Russell Arcara (Surgin/Prophet/Arcara), Mike Lee (Barren Cross),  Josh Kramer (Saint), and Joe Cerisano (Silver Condo). The CD all so features more guest including Mikkey Dee (Motorhead), Tim Gaines (x-Stryper), Keri Kelli (Vince Neil Band, Ratt, Adlers Appetite), Harry Hess (Harem Scarem), JD (Black Label Society),Charlie Calv, Gary Horie and more including the newly added Billy Morris (Warrant/Billy Morris Band) who mastered the CD at the Lava Lounge in Cleveland, OH.


Band Lineup:
  • Listed with tracks


Track Listing:
  1. Kings of Hollywood (Ez Gomer of Jet Circus)
  2. Another Nail (Sebastian Bach of Skid Row)
  3. State of Grace (Russell Arcara of Surgin / Prophet / Arcara)
  4. Malice in Wonderland (Jamie Rowe of Guardian)
  5. Grenade (Dale & Troy Thompson of Bride)
  6. Show Me the Way (Oni Logan of Lynch Mob)
  7. Sight Unseen (Leif Garrett)
  8. Up That Hill (Josh Kramer of Saint)
  9. Surreal (Scott Wenzel of White Cross)
  10. Flinch (Tony Harnell of TNT/Starbreaker)
  11. Thy Will Be Done (Mark Slaughter of Slaughter & Pete Loran of Trixter)
  12. Killer Grin (Stephen Pearcy of Ratt)
  13. If The World Could Be Mine (Joe Cerisano of Silver Condor / Trans-Siberian Orchestra)
  14. Always Tomorrow (Ted Poley of Danger Danger)
  15. Hope & Pray / Ballad of King David (Phil Naro of Talas / Peter Criss Band)
  16. Make Believe (Mike Lee of Barren Cross)
  17. Outro


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