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Locks & Keys
Jasmine Cain
Locks & Keys
Hard Rock/Southern Rock
Stephanie Rademacher
3.0 stars

Let me start off this review by laying all my cards on the table. I am a Jasmine Cain Fan. I have been waiting patiently for her to release a new CD and am still waiting for her to tour in my neck of the woods (The North East-- NY, NJ, Eastern Pa, DE). Now with that said, I was disappointed by Jasmine’s new release, “Locks and Keys”, and in the next few paragraphs, I shall explain why.

I love her songwriting ability and she has a sensual powerful voice but because of the way the CD was mixed, I didn’t get to hear either on the majority of the songs on this album. In fact, on one song I got the impression she wasn’t even in the same state when they recorded it. It’s such a shame because this woman is a true talent and if she were pitted against any of the ‘American Idols’ or ‘Rock the Cradles’, she would blow them off the face of the earth. (I did mention I was a fan… didn’t I?) Well let’s break it down… The first song to caress my ears was “Frostbite.” I started to wonder if Jasmine had mellowed out in her sophomore effort but shortly into the song she tried to blow my eardrums out. The song just picked up where her last CD left off. Hard rocking and kicking ass. In this song, her voice is just like the guitar or drum. Melding into a hard rocking song… my best description would be a vocal instrumental. Each part of this song was on equal standing… many different aspects blending to make a beautiful piece of art. I really liked this song and it is one of the few the mix was not an issue.

The second song to grace the stage is “Fade”; unfortunately, this is where the vocals start taking a back seat to the instruments. Instead of having a peaceful repose with one of my favorite artists this song made it a chore by having to squeak out her vocals and her lyrics. It bothered me. I found myself starting to chant… I want to hear Jasmine!!! I want to hear her words!!

In “Whiskey Kiss,” we finally get her vocals highlighted. But only when instruments hit the valley of the song, once they peak they drowned out her vocals again but this problem seems to be a mixing problem. I find it hard to believe that with such a strong soulful and sensuous voice that their intention is to drown out the vocals. I mean she is billed as Jasmine Cain not The Band (featuring Jasmine Cain)

"Enigma" slows down the pace and yet the vocals seem to be in the background. By the time I got to this track I realized that music and songwriting are definitely suffering from the mix of the record. I have loved Jasmine Cain since the first note of the first CD and “Locks and Keys” has great potential but the mixing has totally put me off. I found myself forced to listen to it and yet I know that there is some great material on this record. My suggestion would be to look up a guy like Chris Laney and he could probably turn this CD into a platinum release.

The unique thing about "Time is Borrowed," is the use of the layered vocals. It's the reflective kind of tune that makes you want to examine and compare your life to the writers example. It will take a few listens to get the full meaning of the song but it’s definitely one you want to pay attention to the lyrics. “You're Still Gone”… Here again the guitars drown the vocals out. The song seems to have potential but it makes it hard to listen to the lyrics when you can't really make them out. Yes, the instrumental parts are rocking but the song needs all the ingredients to make it a hit and I really want to hear those great vocals of Jasmine’s. “Untouchable” is a rocking song and a little better on the vocals, but even in this song the vocals still don't play a prominent part.

"Give Me Love" is my favorite song. This ballad finally gives me what I have been craving for since I put the CD in-- To Hear Jasmine's magnificent vocals and awesome lyrics.

I really want to give this CD 5 stars but the mixing really brought down the listening experience. My suggestion would be for Jasmine Cain fans and potential fans to buy her first CD and sell out her concerts so she can get this one re-mixed and then buy this one in droves. I know this is a great release and I can’t wait to hear it the way she intended.

Band Lineup:
  • Jasmine Cain – Bass, Lead Vocals, Background Vocals
  • Jeff Caughron – Guitars (Frostbite, Fade, You’re Still Gone, Untouchable, Show Me)
  • Kenny Greenberg – Guitars (Fade, Show Me)
  • David Michael Thomas – Keyboards, Synthesizers (Frostbite, You’re Still Gone, Untouchable, Close My Eyes)
  • Brian Hobaugh – Drums (Frostbite, Enigma, Whiskey Kiss, Untouchable, Show Me)
  • Wayne Kills – Drums (Time Is Borrowed, You’re Still Gone, )
  • Sean Fuller – (Fade, )
  • Paige Logan – Background Vocals (Time Is Borrowed, Frostbite, Give Me Love, Untouchable)
  • Don Kerce – Bass (Time Is Borrowed)
  • Tom Bukovac – Guitars, Piano, Bass (Time Is Borrowed, You’re Still Gone)
  • Steve Sheehan – Acoustic Guitars, (Show Me)
  • Rhythm Man - Tambourine (Show Me)
  • Jonathan Yudkin – Strings(Close My Eyes)


Track Listing:
  1. Frostbite
  2. Fade
  3. Whiskey Kiss
  4. Enigma
  5. Time Is Borrowed
  6. You’re Still Gone
  7. Untouchable
  8. Give Me Love
  9. Close My Eyes


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