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Well it was a day of speculation for us at going to see the return of DANGER DANGER which would be playing for the first time in New Jersey in over three years; and as usual I had to sit through two band that I had never heard. Stevie Samay

We did contact both opening bands and it was a pleasure talking to both THE JERSEY SYNDICATE & LIPSTICK MAGAZINE that were playing that night. You know we had to get to the great new club Dexter’s before hand to meet some of our loyal readers and rub elbows with some future stars, which were in the crowd.

The opening band THE JERSEY SYNDICATE hit the stage first with a fairly big crowd watching. As a guy in the crowd you have to remember that when a band has a female vocalist, as does both THE JERSEY SYNDICATE Stevie Samay & LIPSTICK MAGAZINE Stevie Samay & Sal ItalianoToni Loyas I had to stop dreaming and focus on the music not elsewhere and wipe the slobber off my mouth.

Yeah, I got slapped a few times from my wife and staff who were with me and told me to focus on the show. My dream was over quickly (lucky I didn’t have a black eye). Anyway, let’s be professional here. THE JERSEY SYNDICATE hit the stage after 9 and held my attention with the smooth delivery set forth. I felt they had good drive and a powerful approach with some heavy hitters. They had a mixture of melodic tunes such as “All The Gold” and rockers like “Learnin' To Live”. It’s not easy for an opening band to make the big splash but I checked the audience and it seemed to me THE JERSEY SYNDICATE did a great job and you can see the professionalism the band posses.Toni Loyas I look forward to seeing them again as they open for BIG NOIZE at the end of this month, BRITNY FOX in April, Eddie Money in November, and possibly Rocklahoma 08’.

Next up was LIPSTICK MAGAZINE another fine female fronted band that graced the cover of February’s issue of All Access magazine. A band that shows a rock blues style yet can bring home the rock when needed. Marc Ragin & Nat Gardiner I particularly liked the hook up between Guitarist Nat Gardiner and Keyboardist David Loyas that was a fantastic midsection. I know many had their eyes on the energetic front lady Toni Loyas that bellows great pipes but for me my attention was on how good the musicianship of LIPSTICK MAGAZINE presented themselves. They have some phenomenal tunes such as “Against The Wall” that has a SARAYA vibe with many other outstanding tracks that can be heard on their last CD, so make sure to pick that up and this is just another great New Jersey band that will be heading to Rocklahoma 08’.

BAND LINE-UP: The Jersey Syndicate
  • Stevie Samay, Lead Vocals
  • Sal Italiano-Bass/Vocals
  • Mike Sasso-Drums
  • Rich Gurtler-Keyboards/Vocals
  • Rob O'Brien-Guitar/Vocals
  • Mike Dunleavy-Guitar
The Jersey Syndicate SETLIST:
  • Need You Eyes
  • Heart & Soul
  • Missing You
  • All The Gold
  • Shining Knight
  • I Don't Want To Hurt Anymore
  • Learnin' To Live
  • BAND LINE-UP: Lipstick Magazine
    • Toni Loyas - Lead Vocals
    • Damon Marks - Lead / Rhythm Guitar
    • David Loyas - Keyboards
    • Nat Gardiner - Lead / Rhythm Guitar
    • Marc Rabin - Bass Guitar
    • Russell K – Drums
    Lipstick Magazine SETLIST:
  • Ok to Cry
  • Something You Should Know
  • Out of Control
  • Against The Wall
  • Defenseless
  • Skin Deep
  • All I Want
  • Love Games
  • Keep Me Running
  • Hearts on Fire
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  • Lipstick Magazine

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