Rock Eyez
Cleveland Agora
Cleveland, OH
October 21, 2017

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RockEyez was lucky enough to witness GWAR take over the city of Cleveland, Ohio at the legendary Cleveland Agora on their second tour stop on 10/21/17 in support of their newest CD "The Blood Of Gods".  The sold-out club was given a nearly hour and 40-minute set of GWAR doing both new and old songs from their over 35-year repertoire that set the crowd rocking and getting soaked with blood and gore.  The show opener "War On GWAR" was quickly followed by "Hail Genocide" and sent the crowd
surfers off and running and only got better when their current smash and video hit "I'll Be Your Monster" was played. 

With their newest member and front man, The Berserker Blothar bellowing away it made for beautiful music for all attending.  The guitar gods of Balsac The Jaws O' Death and Pustulus Maximus and the bottom end being held up by Beefcake The Mighty and Jizmak held the crowd captive for the entire night. 

There were several appearances by Bonesnapper as well as Sawborg and other surprises that we really don't want to give away to fans that will be attending upcoming dates, but we will tell you that you don't want to miss a minute of this great show! 


New songs were played a plenty with "Crushed By the Cross", "El Presidente" (Mr. Trump didn't make out so well on this song!), "Death To Dickie Duncan", "Viking Death Machine" and "Fuck This Place".  We have included the GWAR set list for the night so you can see all the monstrous melodies that were enjoyed for the night!  Closing out the set was the song worth waiting for "If You Want Blood (You Got It)" and that's exactly what the crowd got all night...

   We here at RockEyez highly recommend that you all bow down to the takeover of Earth by GWAR and support this great band, they haven’t slowed down one second throughout their entire career and there's no evidence that they will ever stop until the takeover of this planet!

Band Line UP:
  • The Berserker Blothar - Vocal
  • Balsac The Jaws O' Death - Guitar
  • Beefcake The Mighty - Bass
  • Jizmak The Gusha - Drums
  • Pustulus Maximus - Guitar
Set List:
  1. War On GWAR
  2. Hail Genocide
  3. I'll Be Your Monster
  4. Death To Dickie Dunkin
  5. Saddam A Go-Go Womb
  6. Crushed By The Cross
  7. Viking Death Machine
  8. Bring Back The Bomb
  9. El Presidente
  10. Swarm
  11. Black And Huge
  12. Meat Sandwich
  13. Morality Squad
  14. Fuck This Place
  15. Phantom Limb & If You Want Blood (You Got It)