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Interview with Wildstreet

Brian & Wildstreet
Wildstreet on The Road To Rocklahoma

Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: June 2009

Brian Rademacher: Hey Guys howís everything and you ready to go?

Eric Jayk: Everything is good... we are just hanging in our friends' pizza shop in Denver, CO. He's hooking us up with free food, before we leave for Kansas; our next show is in Salina Kansas at The Blue Goat.

Brian Rademacher: So how are the sales so far of the new debut CD?

Eric Jayk: So far, the sales are going really good since Retrospect released it on April 22nd. Aside from our sales and digital sales through iTunes, we have had a large number of sales from the label and Sam's gotten distribution for us internationally in places like Germany and Japan. We expect to have sold close to 1,000 before Rocklahoma; considering the tour is less than half over, we are stoked. We've sold at least 2 or 3 a day.

Keith Robert: We're even selling merch on our days off! At gas stations, rest stops, even Sonic Burger people immediately ask us "Hey, are you a band?" and after chatting them up, we leave with $50 in merch/CD sales. It's pretty awesome, to hear them blasting "Wanna Get it On" on their way out of the parking lot!

Brian Rademacher: Just imagine how many you are going to sell at Rocklahoma once fans catch your set. Being the new kids coming out of New York City bringing back great eighties music with a touch of glam and I pray that you get a great response because you guys totally rock.

Keith Robert: Yeah that would be great!! One week before Rocklahoma, we are playing a large music festival in Junction City. They are expecting fifteen thousand people there.

Brian Rademacher: Tell me how Retrospect promotes the band when youíre on the road?

Eric Jayk: Well, Sam's been really helpful. He has been checking in with us before and after the shows to see how people were responding to the band, and see how we are doing. It's tough out here, and having toured for many years, he can offer advice and relate. He's supportive and encouraging and keeps us in positive spirits.

Keith Robert: Itís wild because we are doing a lot of self promotion and itís been great. Sam and Retrospect are doing a great job and we are out here doing our part and itís working out for the better and thatís no joke -people really actually buy our shit at the gas station!!!!

Brian Rademacher: Being on the road tell me what itís really like?

Ali Hassan: Itís been very different and tougher than we all expected. The band became closer and tighter, both in a personal/musical sense. Itís not easy being on the road and we are working double shifts.

Eric Jayk: We are out here on our own - we donít have a guitar tech/roadie, donít have a road manger and itís a lot of work... but with weeks like this past week with full venues and having new fans bringing in new fans, itís a lot of fun. These fans are so cool. I mean, obviously it would be great for us to have roadies and a tour bus but we are not there yet...a debut band has got dues to pay and, we are showing our dedication to this project, and our music by "roughing it". I really think its working out better than we ever expected, and I'm having the time of my life!

Brian Rademacher: How are the other bands you played with treating you guys?

Keith Robert: Well itís not like we are out with RATT or KIX every night. We play with punk bands, screamo bands and they been very cool, despite the differences in musical style. We had two videos shot of us ďSoldier of LoveĒ, ďOpen up Your EyesĒ in a small club in Texas by my good friend Robert Sico. Bobby has complimented us on our dedication to every fan, and how we treat every show like its "Madison Square Garden.

Eric Jayk: Exactly! Like even on a Monday night in a small club that's 75% empty, we give one hundred ten percent to the crowd. Donít get me wrong, it is a downer when there is a small crowd but that is not going to stop us from putting on the best show we can. In San Antonio at Logan's Rock Bar, the club had no mic stands. So Keith got creative and taped broken pool cues to speakers and gaff taped the microphones to them. To me, that meant everything. We used everything at our disposal to be able to give the club and fans a kick ass show... with that said, I can absolutely guarantee that when we do have a full house, we will bring even more energy and excitement than ever. Without trying your adrenaline is pumping at whole new level from the crowd giving you instant feedback.

Brian Rademacher: I am sure you share a room, howís that work when a band member has to take care of business with a female friend?

Ali Hassan: Laughing or a car! We stay on the floor (laughing)

Eric Jayk: Truthfully, we wait outside waiting for him to finish...ha

Jimmie Marlowe: ...and if he takes too long we text message him say what the fuck! (Laughing)!!!

Brian Beck: When we play live we put socks in our pants, (laughing)!

Brian Rademacher: Have you tried out any new tracks on the road and how was the response?

Eric Jayk: We did learn a new cover, BON JOVIís ďRunaway" while staying w/ Linda Chadwick in Ft. Worth, TX. It seems to be a "crowd please". I've been writing a bit too. Before the tour, I wrote two new songs w/ NYC singer/songwriter Brent Shuttleworth. They kick ass and also went out to Las Vegas and wrote w/ Sam McCaslin (Retrospect CEO). Jimmie and I are still finishing a killer new song called "Can't Stop the Rock". While we've been out on the road, I took two days away from the band to do some writing with my buddy, Mike Shimshack in Nashville, TN. While I was there, we wrote a new song that I am REALLY STOKED about called "(Can't Get Enough When You're) Made for Love". On the EP, Mike and I co-wrote ďOpen Up Your EyesĒ and ďWanna Get it On." We'll work on all of these songs, when we get back to NYC. Right now, all our energy and mental focus is on Rocklahoma! We gotta get peeps buzzing and I'm confident we will!

Brian Rademacher: What do you do when you have a heckler in the crowd?

Ali Hassan: We came across three or four idiots but we play that much better making sure the fans are happy and came what they wanted to hear, good music. We are out here doing what we love and those idiot people are not.

Brian Beck: Fuck umí.

Eric Jayk: You know there might be a guy who is wasted drunk in the bathroom who talks shit about Keith and I putting on our stage makeup... but after we play he'll have nothing to say except, "You guys rock. I'm gonna buy a CD!" They feel stupid, but I get it. They probably aren't seeing a lot of bands, who are as focused on the production of the show as the production of the music!

Brian Rademacher: I mean you guys are on the road at least until August; do you pick up new close in different places?

Brian Beck: Iíve been wearing the same pants for months, (laughing), some of us want clean clothes, and some of us donít give a fuck.

Brian Rademacher: I really would like to know how you guys work out getting paid on the road?

Ali Hassan: We play our set and we get paid and leave, if he doesnít pay us we break his arm.

Eric Jayk: Basically, before the show we get a figure that we are supposed to be paid and after our set since we donít have a tour manager Keith or I do the pickup. It varies from show to show, if we get a hotel, if we get drinks, if we get food. Weíve been out here for five weeks now and only had one or two problems, which were very minor.

Brian Rademacher: Has Sam been to any of your gigs beside the New Jersey showcase show?

Eric Jayk: Yes absolutely. He got us the Stephen Pearcy opening gig in Maryland, hooked us up w/ FRONTRUNNER in Missouri... and got us dates in Utah, Vegas, and California. Heís also busy shopping our EP for distribution all over the world. He is very involved and believes in us and our music...

Brian Rademacher: What member of WILDSTREET really plays the Rockstar role on the road?

Keith Robert: We all do, donít listen to these other fukkin guys, we all do. There is a difference between a rockstar and a rock n roller and these guys with me are rock n rollers. Thereís no rock starís here we are all real life rockers no bullshit. These guys think Iím a rock star but Iím not

Jimmie Marlowe: No, heís a monkey.

Keith Robert: Shut up Iím a rock n roller hardcore.

Brian Rademacher: Give me the pros and cons of the road?

Ali Hassan: Jimmyís the con and we are all the pros. getting a bath.

Eric Jayk: Eating is tough man...because Iím vegetarian who doesn't eat dairy, prefers raw foods... but I do eat fish and eggs... haha

Brian Rademacher: Where is the place you eat the most at on the road?

Keith Robert: It has to be Subway or Wendyís. We donít have a budget where we can go out and get a steak dinner. I would say the best place to eat is free shit at a chickís refrigerator.

Brian Rademacher: What was your favorite show so far?

Eric Jayk: Denver we played 2 shows in one night, 3 shows in 4 days and had a blast! In Ft. Worth at The Rock Star Bar, We got the pleasure meeting Dyanne Landry from DYHARD RADIO who is a big supporter of WILDSTREET, and an expert at the Texas Two-Step! haha

Brian Rademacher: Any problems with any equipment?

Eric Jayk: My mic stand keeps breaking

Brian Beck: I got blinded by a stripper!

Jimmie Marlowe: I mean every place we played there was always a strip club. (Laughing).

Brian Rademacher: Hey guys thanks for taking time out of your tour to talk with us. Would you like to say anything in ending?

Keith Robert: Yeah buy some shit (laughing) BUY SOME SHIT. Truthfully, the fans that come and see us they get it, they see whatís happening and they love us. Keeping coming to the shows, keep supporting us and enjoy life. It also helps having a good album and good looking merch, people want a part of it and since this is our debut you know how that goes, Everyone wants to get in at the beginning with our posters, fliers and we have signature guitar picks so we are out there, come see us.

Brian Rademacher: I guess the next time we see you will be at Rocklahoma because Mark, Darcy Lynn, and I are coming.

Eric Jayk: You guys rock!! Thanks for the support RockEyez


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